What is the “SAMPLE” folder for?
When your order a WordPress Set from me, I give you some codes for your sidebars that you can use as you wish (affiliates, projects, statistics…).

I don’t see my favicon when I add my site in favorites.
Be sure that the favicon I provided to you is saved in the root directory of your site.

When I add widgets to the theme, they bring down the content news. Why?
Be sure that the widget always has a title. If you don’t add it, it’ll mess up the layout.

After installing the theme I cannot see the footer and I have an error message instead.
My themes use WP Pagenavi plugin for pagination. If not installed and activated it will generate an error.

The coppermine theme shows no style.
If you change the theme folder name you also need to change that name in template.html links to the css.