Cherry Gem Design
Cherry Gem Design is your destination for graphic resources since 5 years. Going through the complete themes for your fansites, but also facebook & twitter, sets you can also order icons, wallpapers and lockscreens. Below, you can take a look at some of my work. Be sure to take a look at my portfolio. Good visit. :)


PACK #1 – SITE HEADER* (exampleexampleexample)
Includes an header for your fansite. (tumblr, wordpress,…)
Price: 3,50€

PACK #2 – GALLERY HEADER*  (example)
Includes an header for your photo gallery. (coppermine)
Price: 3€

PACK #3 – WORDPRESS SET** (exampleexampleexample)
Includes an header for your fansite+coding. (wordpress only)
Price: 9,50€ (example)

PACK #4 – COPPERMINE SET** (example)
Includes an header for your fansite+coding. (coppermine only)
Price: 7€ (example)

Includes an header for your fansite+coding. (wordpress+coppermine only)
Price: 15,50€ (example)

PACK #6 – TWITTER SET (exampleexampleexample)
Includes a twitter set (cover+icon).

PACK #7 – FACEBOOK SET (exampleexampleexample)
Includes a facebook set (cover+icon).

PACK #8 – PREMADE (link)
Includes a premade created by myself (I can change the text for you). The premades are all available in the “premades” section of my site. The premade is sold to one person.
Price: 3,50€

You bought a premade WordPress/Coppermine/Tumblr (on Sellfy for example) and you don’t know how to change colors, fonts .. I can do it for you. Before beginning, make sure that the rules of your theme state that you can modify it.
Price: 2€

*I can do theme customizations (colors, fonts, …) on request (see PACK #9)

**The theme is created for the latest version of WordPress. Please use the latest updates of this one for optimal use.


PACK #10 – ICONS PACK (exampleexampleexample)
Includes a pack of 10 icons (size of your choice).
Price: 1,50€

PACK #11 – BLEND (exampleexample)
Includes a blend (size of your choice).
Price: 2,50€

PACK #12 – ANIMATED BLEND (exampleexample)
Includes a blend + an animation on it (size of your choice= + the blend will be big, + the quality will be less).

Price: 3,50€

Includes two lockscreens for your smartphone (size of your choice).
Price: 1€

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