1. If you want a high quality design, please provide me with high quality photos. I can also work with lower quality photos, but I do not guarantee the best rendering.
  2. If you want a normal header (example, example, example), please provide at least 5-6 pictures.

Animated Header/Blend/Poster

  1. If you choose an animated header/blend/poster, please note that bigger your project will be, less the quality will be with an animation on it.

HD Gifs

  1. The quality of your gifs depends on the qyality of the video you provide. It must be 1080p from Youtube/DailyMotion/Vimeo/… for the BEST quality. Double check if your video has a great quality, sometimes it’s notified as 1080p but it’s zoomed and pixelated.
  2. Tell me which moment you’d like me to gif, if you don’t specify it, I’ll choose.
  3. Please, provide short videos (<20mins)
  4. This pack is brand new (November 2020) and EXCLUSIVELY open for my Twitter follower. You must place your order via Twitter only!


  1. I accept orders from any fansite (online or being created). However, I reserve the right not to accept an order for a reason that I would have deemed appropriate.
  2. You do not have the right to resell or modify my layouts without my prior permission.
  3. You must add a link for my work to your site once you have installed the theme/header.
  4. Use the theme for at least a month.
  5. For WordPress/Coppermine Set, If your host ask you to add ads in your site, please provide me the codes when you place your order. After installing my theme, you can also ask to your host to add ads for you.
  6. After buying a premade, do not ask me to change some coding for you. The premade is sold as is visible in demo, and I cannot modify the code and change its appearance for you.
  7. Remember that rushing me will absolutely not make me complete your order faster. Graphic design is a hobby that I do on my own time. Orders may take up to 3 weeks to be completed. If you are in a rush, feel free to contact me before placing your order to know the possible delay.
  8. I’m always happy to make new things, talk with you about your project, working out of my comfort zone. But do not order from me asking to change someone else coding or sending example of someone’s else work.

Coppermine Only (Premade 007)

  1. For this premade, the price is 9,50€. The theme files are coming with 2 .psd files and a full guide to help you to entierly customize the theme. Note that I can customize this theme for you (colors), but I CAN’T set everything for you, you need to know a bit of HTML. This is a lot of work and I can’t do it for everybody unfortunately.


  1. All payments will be made via Paypal. Once your order is accepted, I will send you a preview. If it suits you, I will ask you for full payment. Once payment is received, I will send you your order.
  2. Is this the first time you order from me? Be advised that following scams, I would ask you to pay a deposit or full payment before starting your order. You already ordered from me? Do not hesitate to tell me the email address you used for your previous payment and I would not ask you for a deposit.
  3. For all payments, I am using the “Friends and Family” option. If you don’t want or can’t pay with this option (which I can understand) I will ask you to cover taxes.

If any of its rules are broken, your orders will no longer be accepted. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

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